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Explore: Children will scout land, sea and air creatures discovering God's vast creativity in the animal world. They will explore by digging into gardening as they learn the life cycle of plants.

Discover: Children are encourage to ask questions and seek answers as they uncover truths about the world around them.  Earth science and chemistry are areas in which we can observe, explore and unearth these lessons.

Wonder: We help children build a natural curiousity for the world beyond their own environments and enourage them to respect and have awe for the unseen world by looking at astronomy and physics.

Transitional Kindergarten

Our Transitional-Kindergarten class is designed for the child who is eligible for Kindergarten but needs and extra year of development or has that later birthday but is ready for an added challenge.  Since our classes are limited in numbers to maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio, we are able to have concentrated one-on-one time with each child.

Celebrating 50 years at Christian Preschool!

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