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Christian Education:

Introducing God's Word through stories, chapel time and Christian values.  We explore the World God created and emphasize God's great love for us.

Language Arts:

Pre-reading skill enhancement through group reading and discussions, student intiated picture stories, and visual and tactile experiences with letters.


Counting, number values, number recognition taught through a variety of games and manipulatives.

Creative Arts:

Praising creativity and encouraging individualtiy while exploring a wide variety of art media.


Hands-on projects that explore the world around us and help the children understand facts about biology, chemistry, earthscience, astronomy and physics.

Sensorimotor Skills:

Large and small muscle activities develop coordination and strength.


Songs, rhythm, games, and creative movement taught daily along with a monthly age-appropriate music theory class.


Cooking tasks provide the children with a fun and edible way to incorporate math and science skills.

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